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Angle legs, connecting

245,00 kr

New product

Connecting angle legs, also for OH-projector!

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Connecting angle legs, also for OH-projector! Do laboratory work with angle legs to study different terms of plane geometry. The "snap" system is unique. The angle legs are snapped together very easily and steadily and they are easy to take apart again. Build different geometric figures, study the area, measure the angles etc of different polygons. Build figures with different lengths of the legs or with the same length. Add a leg, remove it and observe how the figure changes. Use the transparent protractors and snap them together with the angle legs and measure an angle between two legs or in a triangle, a rectangle, a rhomb etc.


The set contains: 72 angle legs in six different lengths (6-15 cm) and every length has its own specific color, 2 transparent protractors, 15 cards with exercises of different levels of difficulty. The cards are in english. The angle legs are made of a transparent and solid plastic. Both the angle legs and the protractors are transparent which also makes them very suitable for an OH-projector.

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