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Original handgjord Heemskerk Shuffleboard HS40 (Priset inkluderar frakten)  View Full Screen

Shuffleboard HS40 foldable

1 800,00 kr

New product

Original handmade Heemskerk Shuffleboard of heavy quality. (The freight is included in the price)

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Shuffleboard HS40 foldable

The HS-40 is a shuffleboard which is made from sustainable wood species

such as Abura and Meranti.

The compounds are putt down with screws, which increase the stability and

sustainability of the boards.

The Heemskerk HS-40 shuffleboard is from such a good quality that it can

be used by individuals but also in public places like schools and institutions.

The point indications above the holes are made from brass nails.

Accessories: Including 30 shuffle discs.

Packing size:

The shuffleboard will be delivered in a double cardboard box (7,0 kg)

with the sizes: L. 204cm x W. 43 cm H. 8cm

Size shuffleboard: L. 200cm x W. 40,5cm x H. 5,5cm

Net Weight: 5 kilogram

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