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Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus 3D-Skrivare

3 950,00 kr inkl. moms

New product

The Wanhao Duplicator i3 PLUS is the 2016 latest addition to the well-known Duplicator family.

Åter i lager den 10 mars

More details

PRA- 22063

The Wanhao Duplicator i3 PLUS is the 2016 latest addition to the well-known Duplicator family.

 The important stuff:

  • Touch display

  • MK10 single extruder

  • Large build volume of 200 x 200 x 180 mm

  • Compatible with SimpliFy3D

  • Heated bed

  • Integrated electronics

 With the enormous success of the i3 Wanhao has listened to their users and asked them what they wanted. The changes in the i3 PLUS reflects this work. The design as a whole is changed and the improvements are big and noticeable. First the electronic housing that is now integrated in the machine itself this is a real space saver on your desktop. It also makes for less loose cables hanging around.

Wanhao also integrated a 3, 25" touch screen. This makes the machine much easier to control and you also get a much better overview of the status.

The micro SD card has been changed to a normal size SD card for easy handling. On the SD card you will also find the software, in this case it´s the CURA Wanhao edition that is include. Easy to work with but still powerful enough to be used for both beginners and professionals.

Package Contents:
- The Duplicator i3 printer
- Single Step exstruder MK10
- 1x spool holder
- Hex Wrench and bolt Kit
- 1 x SD card
- 2 x Wanhao platform tape
- 10 meters PLA filament
- 1 x Power supply cable
- 1 x USB A to B cable
- 1 x filament stand

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