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Reduced price! Flashforge New Creator Pro 2016 Updated Version  View Full Screen

Flashforge New Creator Pro 2016 Updated Version

6 310,00 kr

6 360,00 kr

-50,00 kr

New product


The new and improved Creator Pro with dual extrusion technology.
(2016 model or internally also called Creator 5)

A great printer got even better.

Key features and improvements:
- New heat-resistant metal platform supports replace plastic supports.
- New heavy-duty (10mm) z-axis guide rod ensures steady and precise movement.
- New acrylic cover encloses the chamber to insulate and protect ABS prints.
- New LED light illuminates the build chamber.
- New integrated LCD screen and button board functions error-free.
- Control Panel upgrade: 45 degree viewing ergonomic control panel is more comfortable to users.
- User friendly side handles enhance handling comfort

The Creator Pro is the latest addition to FlashForges Creator family. Based on proven design of the Creator X chassis, the Pro is now enclosed. So you can print ABS better and more efficient than ever. The upgraded three-point platform leveling system is now more intuitive than ever. And the all-new heat resistant build platform support is now made of highly-durable metal. Guaranteed not to deform means more time printing and more fun. And a thicker Z-axis rod provides a more steady and precise movement. Every new addition and improvement syncs together in harmony. It simply works.

Whats is in the box
- FlashForge Creator Pro.
- 2 spool holders.
- 2 spools of filament (net weight: 2.2 pounds per spool, material and color randomly selected).
- 2 filament guide tubes.
- Accessory bag containing nuts, screws, and hex wrench set.
- Power supply cable.
- USB cable.
- Acrylic covers kit.
- 4GB SD card (contains software, test sample files and user manual).

Upgrades made:

Updated version

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